Please see the lastest presentation from Superfast Essex here and below the most recent update received to my enquiry about the new map and the plans for Radwinter in particular.

The maps can be inaccurate, partly because the one with the dots is based on responses to the Open Market Review process, and the other map uses postcodes rather than properties. We are working to improve the quality, but it takes time and effort.

We have five projects planned for Radwinter exchange area, the two existing cabinets are getting upgraded, the two new cabinets will be added to the Network and as many customers as possible will be diverted onto them. There’s also a very small area of Fibre to the premises planned. When BT Openreach carry out the detailed design work they will try to capture as many properties as possible, so what might look like an anomaly on the dotted map at the moment, will be picked up when the copper re-arrangement work is carried out.

In terms of timing, all of the work should be complete by next summer, other than the small FTTP scheme, which will take a little longer due to the nature of the work. The first sign that deployment has started, is when the new cabinet structures are put in place, after that the fibre cabling work starts, then the power, copper connections and finally the new equipment is commissioned and the ISP’s are informed.

I hope this helps and if I can be of any further assistance, please fell free to make contact again.

Kind regards,

Ian Frost

ICT Contracts Manager

Essex County Council