Neighbourhood Plan


Update- May 2024

The first Community Questionnaire is now ready!  Please complete the Google Form at :  Radwinter Community Questionnaire

Paper copies can be printed if needed, and some will also be placed inside the Church porch.

A pdf of the survey is here if printing: PDF version-Radwinter Community Questionnaire

Paper copies should be returned to Jarrards' on Church Hill (letterbox of first house in terrace on left going down Church Hill towards Princes Wells, alongside the Church).  Alternatively, scan and email a copy to 

Please ensure surveys are returned by Monday 3 June 2024.



Update- May 2023

The Neighbourhood Plan Group has been meeting regularly and has now established the following working groups:

Finance: David Richardson

Development- Paul Camp

Environment- Jeremy Davidson

Communications and Engagement: Erin Walton and Pete Fitch


We are delighted to confirm that the Group has received a £10,000 grant from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Community to assist with the important initial scoping stage of the Neighbourhood Plan.  This means that the Group now has access to expert consultants to ensure all aspects of the Plan meet rigorous legal requirements. 

We will be providing updates to the village via The Ambo and this website at regular intervals to advise of progress, key dates and any requests for information from residents.

There will be much to do as the Neighbourhood Plan progresses towards consultation, and ultimately, referendum.  If you would be interested in joining the Group please get in touch at 


Why have a Neighbourhood Plan?

1. The Neighbourhood Area of Radwinter (corresponding to the Parish) was designated by Uttlesford in 2019 and now for the very first time you have an opportunity to have a real say in how our local area should develop.

2. As part of the Uttlesford Local Plan, decisions will be made about future development. Our Neighbourhood Area will be expected to contribute its ‘fair share’ of the housing and other needs identified for the district.

3. The Neighbourhood Plan will plan for housing, employment, recreation and a range of community uses. Further policies will deal with the environment, heritage and protection of wildlife areas.

4. What is appropriate for the wider Uttlesford District is not necessarily appropriate for the setting of our rural area, its communities and its economy. It is therefore very important for us to have a Neighbourhood Plan that sets policies that are appropriate for our small settlements and their rural context.

5. We need a Neighbourhood Plan to control the way that development happens and to ensure that it respects the character of the Parish, is beneficial to the community and makes a positive contribution to the local economy. This is essential if our community is to thrive, but these matters will not receive the necessary level of attention in the Local Plan, which will be more strategic in its focus.

6. Our Plan can set policies for where new houses are built, for the size of developments and the design of dwellings. This will help to ensure that houses are built in the places where the community feels they will be most beneficial. It will enable us to control the appearance of new developments and ensure that they respect and blend in with the rural character of what already exists.

7. A Neighbourhood Plan will enable us to identify and plan for the facilities and services that are needed by our growing and changing population. We need to identify our needs in terms of local shops, recreation, sport, leisure, facilities for local businesses, transport, road safety, and our rural environment and heritage.

8. The Neighbourhood Plan must be approved in a Neighbourhood Referendum. If it receives approval it will be adopted by the local authority and become part of the Local Plan. It will have legal standing and planning officers will have to refer to the Neighbourhood Plan’s policies when deciding planning applications.